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 At the Autumn term parents’ evening we distributed a parents questionnaire to ascertain your view on our school. We had a total of 179 returned out of 460 pupils. Understandably, it is very important to us to know what you think we can do to improve our practice, but it is equally important to us to know what you think we are doing well.  We believe that if we work together we can achieve the best possible outcomes for your children.
The results have been analysed by our school staff and here are some of the headlines:


  • 96% strongly agree/agree that their child enjoys coming to school and that they would recommend Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary school to another family.


    Teaching and Learning

    96% strongly agree/agree that school responds well to their child’s needs and their child is making good progress, with all achievements being celebrated.


    Behaviour and Safety

    92% strongly agree/agree that their child feels safe at school and there is a good standard of behaviour at Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary school.



    94% strongly agree/agree that school communicates effectively with parents.


    Extra-Curricular Opportunities

    93% strongly agree/agree that school provides a stimulating range of extra-curricular activities, including opportunities for parents to be involved.


Over the course of the year, we will aim to address the areas listed above and share these with our school governors.

Thank you again for your continued support.


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