Extra - Curricular Clubs


We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities available to the children at Smawthorne Henry Moore, run by our dedicated staff. We strive to provide a wide range of fun filled activities to interest, excite and broaden our children’s learning experiences. Our key aim is to help the children to find their personal strengths, promote skills such as leadership team building and communication skills. Whilst also develop a love of learning in various forms

Clubs are run after school on a Thursday unless you are otherwise notified. Clubs will begin at 3.15pm and finish at 4.30.

Please collect your child from the KS1 hall.

Entry through Year 2 doors, exit through the Year 3 doors.


Our Website has now been updated with the clubs we have an offer from September 2016

Archaeology Club

Archaeologists work hard to excavate different sites to look for artefacts buried many years ago. This is a chance, for you to become an archaeologist, through different practical and hands on activities from small scale excavations to cataloging items just like the real thing!


Cartoon Club

In this club you will have the chance to read comics and cartoons. You will be able to watch some cartoons and be able to design your own cartoon characters. We will look at what comic writers do and aim to make our own comic to share with each class.



Ready! Steady! Cook! Delve into the world of a chef and increase your culinary skills. Each week we will cook something that is to your tastes, whether it be a seasonal bake or a classic dish.




 Lego Club

Do you love Lego? Are you a master builder? Come create whatever is in your imagination or   complete one of our challenge cards





 Drama Club

Drama club is a great opportunity for children to have fun. We will play lots of drama games to build confidence and learn how to act. We will also have chance to read through a script and have a go at playing different characters.





Film Club

A chance for children to explore films in more detail. We will watch a variety of films to increase cultural awareness and to develop an understanding of new ideas. We will spend time discussing and reviewing the films to support communication and literacy skills.



 Wake-up Shake-up

In this club you will learn and perform choreographed routines to music. As we like to encourage our children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You will lead Wake-up Shake-up routines to the school on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.


Art Clubs (KS1 and KS2)

In art club we are going to explore a range of art including: drawing, craft and sculpture. Could you be the next Henry Moore?





Disney Karaoke

At this club, we will have lots of fun singing and performing a range of Disney songs. We will create some harmonies that Simon Cowell would be proud of!





Football (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo? It all starts at school. Join in with learning new skills and apply them in small sided games and tournaments.





Needle craft club (KS2)

The children will be taught and guided through a variety of needle crafts including, sewing, cross stitch and knitting. Afterwards they can choose their own project to complete, using the technique they prefer.



Photography Club (KS1)

In photography club we will use cameras and iPads to take photos of each other, around school and outside. We will look at colour, black and white photographs and build our own albums with our pictures.




 Computer Skills Club (KS1)

Interested in learning new computer skills, as well as having a fun time? The aim is to be able to create a PowerPoint presentation; using the skills they have practiced.



 Recorder Club

Children will learn to play different notes on the descant recorder as well as reading music whilst having fun. The children will be given a school recorder to use during the time in school.



Arts and Crafts ( KS1)

Come and join us for a fun afternoon with arts and crafts. Each week we will work with different materials to create a piece of work you can take home.


Board Games

Don’t be bored! Come and join in for an afternoon of fun, challenge and healthy competition.





The Smawthorne Olympic Games 2016 Year 1- 4

Have your ever wondered what it takes to be the next Mo Farah or the next Jessica Ennis-Hill? Following the most successful Olympic Games for Team GB, this is an opportunity for you to try out different sports and see where your strengths may lie.





French Club

Bonjour! French club is an opportunity for the children to develop their skills in another language through working with peers on their conversation skills. Children will build on the skills required to learn another language through hands on tasks, role play, songs, games and fun activities.


Homework Club/ TT Rock Stars

Resources and adult support will be available for anyone who wants to complete their homework projects or practise being a rock legend in school instead of at home during the week or weekend.




 School Newspapers (KS2)

Read all about it! Have you ever fancied being a real life journalist? Now’s your chance – sign up to Smawthorne News! Our school newspaper will be planned, researched and produced by you! There’s a job for everyone. Who will you be...a reporter, an editor, a photographer, an interviewer, or an illustrator?


 Cricket Club

Howzat! Do you want to a try a new sport? Come and learn new batting, bowling and fielding skills at our cricket club and be able to apply them in a variety of small sided games.



Photography Club

In photography club we will use cameras and iPads to take photos of each other, around school and outside. We will look at colour, black and white photographs and build our own albums with our pictures.


After School Club Statistics

2014 - 138 Children

Board games - 31

Decoupage - 18

Digital leaders - 9

Drama - years 3 to 6 - 12

Drama - years 1 to 2 - 19

Football - 0

Netball - 11

Sewing - 12

Wake -up Shake -up -23

Zumba - 3

2015- 238 Children

Archaeology - 21

Art Club - 21

Board games - 11

Cartoon Club - 9

Cheerleading - 18

Colouring club - 22

Cooking - 10

Football - 18

French - 9

Needlecraft - 7

Netball - 17

Percussion - 12

School Newspaper - 2

Scrabble - 1

Sewing - 8

Story Club - 1

Wake -up Shake -up - 26

2016- 249 Children

French - 6

Photography - 12

Needlecraft - 11

Olympics - 17

Homework club - 8

Arts and Crafts KS1 - 15

Lego - 22

Cooking - 12

Football - 25

Archaeology - 4

Art Club - 20

Board games - 11

Disney karaoke - 9

Recorder - 7

Film Club KS2 - 6

Computer Skills - 12

Drama Club - 18

Cartoon Club - 9

Cricket KS2 - 12

Wake -up Shake -up - 13