Gardening Club


Gardening club runs once a week for half an hour at the end of the school day and includes children from year 1 to year 6. It is aimed to boost children’s confidence, social and life skills, working as part of a team in order to grow and maintain different plants and vegetables. Children are involved in every step of the growing process and enjoy weeding and maintaining the produce. A favourite at the moment is the pumpkins we are growing as part of Farmer Copley’s challenge – they are getting bigger every day! When the weather is poor and doesn’t permit us to get outside, children take part in various activities including research and crafts. They are particularly looking forward to working with our resident artist, Miss Shaw, for a full afternoon of project work for our quad, such as decorating plant boxes and creating bird feeders.



We are excited to have selected a new gardening club to carry on with the hard work from last year’s children. Each week, children will have the chance to learn life skills and develop their confidence working with children of a variety of ages as they work collaboratively in the school quad.

Last year, we successfully managed to grow four pumpkins which will be displayed at our harvest festival. This year, we have new and exciting projects lined up for the children, including a workshop where children can make their own wormery, learning about eco systems.

 Quotes from the children

“I like gardening because it is fun”

“I like pulling out weeds and digging!”