Mrs Bell 

Miss Goldsmith – Class Teacher (Thursday)

Other adults in class:

Miss Jaggar – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Tillotson – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Townend – Nursery Nurse






















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A welcome message from the class teacher:

Welcome to Nursery! My name is Mrs Bell and on behalf of myself and the Nursery team I would like to welcome all the new children to their first year at Smawthorne Henry Moore! This is my sixth year of teaching in Nursery at Smawthorne Henry Moore and each year I love the prospect of seeing the children develop and flourish in our indoor and outdoor environment. I have three young children of my own so know how important it is as parent to drop off your child in a safe, caring and nurturing environment and that is what we strive for in Nursery.

Throughout the year we aim to provide hands on learning opportunities for the children in Nursery. We will have a number of visitors to support our learning including PCSO’s and firefighters, Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue and the Schools Library Service. We will visit our local area including a walk up to the ‘Wheel of Light’ and spend time exploring the main school playgrounds. We have themed days to introduce new topics and consolidate learning. Our aim is to provide the children with opportunities and experiences in the Nursery they will never forget #TheSmawthorneExperience









Autumn 1:

Autumn 1 – My Family

Our first topic is “My Family” which is a fantastic opportunity for our staff to get to know the children and their families. We use the topic to cover all areas of the EYFS as well as using the children’s interests to engage them in their learning. As part of the “My Family” topic the children paint a self portrait, make a family picture, talk about what makes them the same and different from their friends and use their senses to taste fruit. As we move into October, we begin to look for signs of Autumn and celebrate the change of season with an ‘Autumn Day’ where we go on an Autumn walk, do Autumn crafts and enjoy a visit from some real hedgehogs.



Autumn 2:

Autumn 2 – It’s Magic

In Autumn 2 we move onto our topic ‘It’s Magic’. We make firework pictures and look at the story of ‘Room on a Broom’. We listen to fairy tales and make our own magic potions in the water tray. The children love dressing up as witches and wizards. We continue to investigate the world around us by recognising the changes outdoors as we move into Winter. When December arrives our focus turns to Christmas! We make Christmas cards, sing Christmas songs and enjoy a Christmas party to end a busy first term!


Spring 1:

Spring 1 – To Infinity and Beyond…

Our next topic, ‘To infinity and beyond’ introduces the children to the concept of Space. We learn about the planets in the solar system and think about where we live. We look closely at the Moon and learn about the moon landings and famous astronauts. We develop the use of technology in Nursery using ipads, cameras and laptops. We celebrate Chinese New Year by making lanterns and eating Chinese food.

Spring 2:

Spring 2 – Home and Away

Our topic in Spring 2 begins looking at our local area of Castleford. We go on a local walk to the ‘Wheel of Light’ and learn about it’s history. We compare our local area with London and learn about London landmarks. We begin to look for signs of Spring and plant our own sunflower seeds for the children to take home. The term ends with a week of Easter celebrations with egg decorating, egg rolling, Easter singing and an Easter ‘Inspire’ day.


Summer 1:

Summer 1- I need a hero…

We begin the topic with a ‘Superhero’ dress up day which really hooks the children into their learning. We think about people who are important to us and real superheroes such as doctors and nurses. The children think of places which are of importance and look at churches and places of worship. The children love to make their own Superhero books and talk about their own super powers.

Summer 2:

Summer 2 – Let’s Discover

Our final topic of the year explores the word of Dinosaurs, mini beasts and pirates! We look at growing and change through our own Nursery caterpillars which we observe daily as they change into butterflies, another real life #TheSmawthorneExperience. We enjoy sunny days in our outdoor area engaging in water play, construction and our mud kitchen. We continue to look at the changes outside as we move into summer and we begin out transition activities for the children moving up to Reception.