Class Teacher:

Mrs Watts


Staff in Our Class:

Mrs Pharoah

Miss Proctor

Our Class Governor: Awaiting Appointment

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

 Making relationships

  • Play copying games with me, like using the same metal spoon as I've got to make the same noise that I'm making on the fence.

Self confidence and self awareness

  • Share videos or photos to show me how to pretend to look after a baby or use my cars to show me how to pretend to go on a journey. Talk to me about the things you are using and what you are doing with them.

Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Let me help you to share out the sandwiches and fruit onto plates, so that everyone has something to eat.

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How can you help me with my learning?

16-26 Months

Communication and Language


Listening and attention

  • Talk to me about the sounds we can hear when we go to the shops, park or seaside.
  • Make the sounds of animal and things when you are sharing a book with me.


  • Play games with me where I have to follow instructions like "roll the ball" or "throw the ball".
  • Let me help you with unpacking the shopping by telling me to find things like "find the apples".


  • Show me and give me choices about what I can have to eat, like "yoghurt or banana".

Physical Development


Moving and handling

  • Give me a little bag to carry something in when we go shopping.
  • Give me a bucket to put interesting things in when I'm digging in the mud.
  • Give me rolling pins and cutters to see what I can do with them when I'm playing with the dough.

Health and self care

  • Let me wash my hands and face myself.
  • Let me try to put my shoes on myself.