Home Learning - Pre-school and Nursery


Below you will find a home learning document, outlining short focus activities and challenges that you can complete with your child at home. Some of the activities will require simple printable resources, which have also been provided for you.

The activities have been carefully planned to support children's learning and development and enable you to continue supporting their progress. Short videos will be uploaded to accompany some of the focus activities which will allow you and your child to watch the teaching input from Mrs Watts or Mrs Bell before completing the focus task.

End of day stories will also be uploaded, read by different members of staff in Pre-school and Nursery.

UPDATE: Our Pre-school and Nursery settings have now reopened to all our pupils, including new starters. 

Please note, if you have chosen not to send your child to Preschool or Nursery at this time, we continue to respect your decision and look forward to their return once school officially reopens. If you change your mind in the coming weeks and wish for your child to return to their usual session, either in preschool or Nursery, we ask that you contact school and give at least 2 days notice

As the settings are now open fully, we are no longer able to provide a full programme of home learning as we had done previously. However, we will continue to share story videos and short teaching inputs for those children at home so they are able to see the staff from their setting. Practical challenges will also be shared on our Facebook page.

The home learning documents and videos provided up until 15.01.21 are still available below should you wish to refer to them.

Mrs Watts - Ladybird class


Story Time: 12.02.21

Story Time: 11.02.21

Story Time: 09.02.21

Story Time: 05.02.21

Story Time: 04.02.21

Story Time: 03.02.21

Song Time: 02.02.21

Story Time: 01.02.21

Story Time: 29.01.21

Story Time: 27.01.21



Home learning documents from 06.01.21 to 15.01.21

Home learning: 11.01.21 - 15.01.21

Colour sorting: 15.01.21

Colour sorting: 14.01.21

Colour sorting: 13.01.21

Story time: Part 3. 13.01.21

Colour sorting: 12.01.21

Story time: Part 2. 12.01.21

Colour sorting: 11.01.21

Story time: Part 1. 11.01.21

Home learning: 06.01.21 - 08.01.21

Story time - 8.01.21

Story time - 7.01.21

Song time - 6.01.21

Mrs Bell - Bumblebee class


Story Time: 12.02.21

Maths Time: 11.02.21

Phonics Time: 10.02.21

Maths Time: 09.02.21

Topic Time: 08.02.21

Story Time: 05.02.21

Maths Time: 04.02.21

Phonics Time: 03.02.21

Maths Time: 02.02.21

Topic Time: 01.02.21

Story Time: 28.01.21






Home learning documents from 06.01.21 to 15.01.21

Home learning: 11.01.21 - 15.01.21

 Story time: 15.01.21

Maths: 14.01.21

Maths: 13.01.21

Story time: 13.01.21

Maths: 12.01.21

 Story time: 12.01.21


Story time: 11.01.21

Home learning: 06.01.21 - 08.01.21

Maths - 8.01.21

Maths - 7.01.21

Maths - 6.01.21