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Welcome to the Year Five class blog. In our blog  you will find posts about a range of things that we have been up to. Please take the time to read our posts and comment on them.

Year 5

Task for Monday 22nd May 2017

Staff Staff (Smawthorneblog) on: Year 5

Good Morning!

This week in English we will be working on writing a balanced argument. The argument we will be debating is Should SATS continue?

To do this we need to have a good understanding of a balanced argument. 


I have attached a text with lots of mistakes in, go through and highlight all the mistakes. Then at the bottom is a checklist of things from the Y5 SPAg that are missing, try and add these in using a different colour. Save your work then tomorrow I will give you a memory stick to bring your work in on

.Matilda Text and checklist.docx

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JW 17/05/17 Task:

Staff Staff (Smawthorneblog) on: Year 5

As I was away yesterday I was unable to set the task, however in English today we are doing lots of research. As you know we have been looking at the text Treasure Island, with the aim this week being to write an explanation text called: How To Survive on a Desert Island. 

Today you need to research lots of information so that when you write your text you sound like a real expert. I have attached a document to type your notes onto.

Mr Brough

Matilda Scaffold.docx

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Treasure Island !

Staff Staff (Smawthorneblog) on: Year 5

In English we have been reading the book Treasure Island, use the internet to research the character of Long John Silver then create a poster full of facts and information about him.

Think about: appearance, role in the book, personality, character

Good Luck,

Mr Brough

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Mr Brough's Challenge:

Staff Staff (Smawthorneblog) on: Year 5

Today in school is PSHE day, I would like you to research a career of your choice, and find out how much they earn.

Then think about the costs each months adults have to pay out e.g. bills, mortgage, food etc, make a list of these and subtract them from the amount earned by your chosen career . How much money do you have left?

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