Curriculum At A Glance



Your children follow carefully planned activities which are based upon programmes of study described in the Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum. In this way we are able to offer children a curriculum which covers many areas and levels of ability.

 Children follow Foundation Stage based schemes of work in Nursery and Reception.

 Years 1 - 6 follow the National Curriculum, copies of which are available in school for you to look at if you should so wish.

 The differing abilities of all children both as age groups in class bases and as individuals are catered for so that the range and pace of the curriculum is appropriate to their needs. Teaching will be whole class, group or sometimes individually based.

 There are a great variety of experiences for your children. These are organised into different subject areas, however, they are often interlinked and incorporate many skills, concepts and attitudes.

 The school provides a wide curriculum for children of all abilities in the 3 - 11 age range. All children have equal access to all areas of the curriculum regardless of their race, gender or ability. The National Curriculum is fully operational throughout school, along with the Literacy and Numeracy strategies to support the teaching of English and Maths.