Reading and Phonics Schemes


Reading in school and at home:

At Smawthorne Henry Moore, we endeavor to create an ethos where children love to read. There are lots of times during the day for children to pick up a book and read whether it be a newspaper, a picture book or a novel.  The children are encouraged to learn through books and all of the subject areas in each classroom are rich with texts including fiction and non-fiction books.
Every classroom has a designated reading areas outside, where children can choose a book and read quietly.  We promote the borrowing of books by allocating each class a lunchtime library slot to choose a book to take home and read. We encourage reading at home by issuing 'stars' in planners which lead to prizes. 
Each child reads at least once to an adult in school each week and engages in daily guided reading sessions where they are exposed to age related texts.
We are looking this year to approach reading a little differently, and support the children's' comprehension skills through new programmes.  The introduction of a weekly comprehension homework for KS2 will only support the children further in developing skill sets such as inference.
In the coming months we are aiming to further enhance our parent partner and community links by visiting Castleford Library with the children. Watch this space for more details when we have them.

Reading schemes and phonics schemes: ( KS1):

Phonics Scheme Followed: Letters and Sounds- See our Phonics page for more details.