Spelling Bee 2021

At Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School we believe that teaching children the common exception words supports them in their writing; they become more confident and can use the spelling patterns to spell out other words. We hold an annual spelling bee, where the children are given their year group spellings to learn at home. They are tested on these over three weeks and attain an overall score. There is then a final round, for the top six children in each class, who go into a ‘spell-off’. The children receive certificates for first, second and third place, as well as every child for their effort in the competition.  


This year, due to the current school closure, we are unable to hold our Spelling Bee as normal. However, children do still need to practise their spellings regularly. As a guide, it is recommended that the children learn 25 spellings each week for the next 6 weeks. We will then will carry out the competition when the children return to school.


*Please note: some year groups have differentiated their spellings. Your child should have been told which set of spellings to learn (Group 1 or group 2 for example). Please contact your child's class teacher via the class email account if you have any questions or queries.*





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