What can I do to stay safe online?

ICT is an everyday part of people’s lives and schools are making increasing use of new technology.

At Smawthorne Henry Moore, we have systems in place to protect your children. We teach you as children how to stay safe when using technology and working online.


Top Tips:

1. People you don't know online are strangers just like they are in person. People on the internet are not always who they say they are.

2. Be nice and respectful to people online just as you would in person. Always remember that your digital footprint remains- the evidence of your online presence will always be out there.

3. Keep your personal data and information private. 

4. If you ever get a bad feeling about something online then always speak to an adult. 



Resources to help keep me safe online:


There are a wealth of resources available to help support and educate on how to keep safe online. Here are some of our favourites.








Stay S.M.A.R.T online:

S - SAFE - Keep safe by ensuring you don't give out any personal details.


M - MEETING - Meeting someone you have been in touch with online can be




A - ACCEPTING - Accepting e-mails, messages and / or files from people that you

don't know can cause many problems- they may even contain viruses or nasty



R - RELIABLE - Information you find and read on the internet may not always be



T- TELL - Tell a parent, carer or a trusted adult if someone or something makes

you feel uncomfortable online.



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