At Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School, we take pride in the things we do. As a school, we work hard to create an ethos where everyone is equal and we are a school family who work together. The children in our school are taught about what is right and wrong and how their actions can affect others. Our Be S.M.A.R.T. behaviour rules and Smawthorne Family Values support us in providing clear routines and boundaries.

Bullying is a topic which we cover within our PSHE lessons and through whole school assemblies to promote further understanding. Children throughout school learn what bullying actually is and what they need to do if they find themselves being bullied or witness bullying happening to others. 

At Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School, we learn from the Anti-Bullying Alliance and undertake annual reviews of our practice. We learn from best practice and specifically focus on pupil voice and our children's views on bullying in school. 







What is bullying?

ABA defines bullying as the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online. 


ABA's All Together Programme:


It is mainly based online and involves: 

  • access to the All Together Online Hub, an online platform through which schools are able to audit their current anti-bullying practice and create an anti-bullying action plan that is tailored to their needs
  • targeted resources to help tackle bullying
  • access to the 'All Together Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire' which will tell you about levels of wellbeing and bullying among your pupils and allow you to monitor progress over the course of the programme. The results will report on a variety of indicators including SEN/disability and free school meals
  • online CPD-certified training for all staff, including a module on cyberbullying

The programme includes a special focus on reducing bullying of disabled children and those with SEN but aims to reduce bullying of all children and young people. The All Together Programme is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 

In 2018-2019, SHMPS undertook the initial audit to reflect on practice and procedures in school. This was completed again in 2019-2020, with further action planning, governor involvement, analysis of pupil and parent voice and final audit analysis. In April 2020, SHMPS were proudly awarded the Bronze level for our work on Anti-Bullying.



Top Tips for Children and Young People-


What can Parents and Carers Do?


Our School Policy:

To view our school Anti-bullying policy please click the link below:

Anti-Bullying Policy


Anti-bullying week took place the week beginning 16th November 2020.

This year's theme was 'United Against Bullying' and we kick started the week with Odd Socks Day. The following presentation was shared with all children as they attended school in their odd socks, to celebrate all our differences. 




Where can I find further information?

 What Our Children Have to Say:


As part of our work on Anti-bullying, we asked the children to create and design a logo as well as a slogan for an Anti-bullying campaign. The winning entries were decided by Miss Bradney and Mrs Dixon. 

Key Stage One:

"I know that we need to tell someone. We can tell an adult at home, school or even our friends. It can't get better if you don't tell someone."






Lower Key Stage Two:

"I like that school teaches us what to do if we are being bullied. We have had assemblies and lessons about it, so that we can stop any bullies in our school."

Upper Key Stage Two:

 "If someone is being bullied, the best thing they can do is tell a teacher. They also need to do this if its their friend that's being bullied, because they might feel too scared to do it themselves. Everyone needs to remember, they wouldn't like it if someone treated them that way."

 The Winning Designs:

"I wrote 'Bully-free zone' because that's what I'd like our school to be. If we keep bullying out of our school it will be a happy place to be for everyone. The two girls are holding hands because they're friends and they're being kind".

"I chose to draw a bull because bulls can be fierce, hurtful and they sometimes knock people down. The person stopping the bull is the hero. The hero could be anyone - a child, a teacher, your parents or even yourself. It's anyone who stops a bully by being a kind friend."

"I used the phrase 'speak out' because I think that's the best way we can get rod of bullying completely. If anyone being bullied, or anyone who sees someone being bullied speaks out, the bullies wont be able to hide."