Extra-Curricular Clubs


We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities available to the children at Smawthorne Henry Moore, run by our dedicated staff. We strive to provide a wide range of fun filled activities to interest, excite and broaden our children’s learning experiences. Our key aims are to help the children to find their personal strengths and promote skills, such as leadership, team building and communication, whilst also developing a love of learning in various forms.

Clubs run after school on a Thursday, 3.15 to 4.30pm, during the Autumn term.

Please collect your child from the Key Stage 1 hall, entering through the Years 1/2 doors

and exiting through Reception.  


We will have lots of fun singing and performing a range of songs.  We will create some harmonies that Simon Cowell would be proud of!


Cartoon Club

In this club, you will have the chance to read comics and cartoons. You will be able to watch some cartoons and be able to design your own cartoon characters. We will look at what comic writers do and aim to make our own comic to share with each class.


Drama Club

Drama club is a great opportunity for children to have fun.  We will play lots of drama games to build confidence and learn how to act.  We will also have the chance to read through a script and have a go at playing different characters. 


Construction Club

Are you a master builder? Come and create whatever is in your imagination or   complete one of our task cards. 


Film Club

A chance for children to explore films in more detail. We will watch a variety of films to increase cultural awareness and to develop an understanding of new ideas. We will spend time discussing and reviewing the films to support communication and literacy skills.


Parachute Games (Years 1-3)

Parachute play is a great way to develop teamwork, communication and co-ordination as well as getting your large muscle groups working.

Observational Art Club

In art club, we are going to learn the "art" of observational drawing - creating different sized pieces of art.  Could you be the next Henry Moore?


 Percussion Club

If you don't know what a Clacker is, or how to play an agogo, then this club will answer all of your musical questions.  In percussion club, we will learn to play different percussion instruments and perform together as a band.



 Football (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo?  It all starts at school.  Join in with learning new skills and apply them in small sided games and tournaments.



 Needle craft club (KS2)

The children will be taught and guided through how to cross stitch.  We will then create our own piece of needlework using templates of Disney characters.


 Coding Club

Learning how to code is like learning a second language!  In today's digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside maths and reading.  You will not only learn to program, but also have opportunities to be creative using code. 

Painting Club (KS1)

We will study the world's most renowned artists and create our own versions of their most famous works. 



The Smawthorne Olympic Games  Years 1- 4

Have your ever wondered what it takes to be the next Mo Farah or the next Jessica Ennis-Hill? Following the most successful Olympic Games for Team GB, this is an opportunity for you to try out different sports and see where your strengths may lie. 

Netball (KS2)

Are you a budding netballer - dreaming of playing in the netball super league?  Come and learn the skills and tactics necessary to achieve your dream.



TT Rock Stars Club

Knowing your times tables is fundamental to becoming successful in maths lessons.  In this club, you will play in competition against others to build up money to update your Avatar. 


Wake-up, Shake-up

Wake-up, Shake-up is a great way to keep fit whilst having fun.  You will have the opportunity to help choreograph new routines, with friends, which will then be used for whole key stage weekly Wake-up, Shake-up sessions.

After School Club Statistics

2014 - 138 Children

Board games - 31

Decoupage - 18

Digital leaders - 9

Drama - years 3 to 6 - 12

Drama - years 1 to 2 - 19

Football - 0

Netball - 11

Sewing - 12

Wake-up, Shake-up - 23

Zumba - 3

2015 - 213 Children

Archaeology - 21

Art Club - 21

Board games - 11

Cartoon Club - 9

Cheerleading - 18

Colouring club - 22

Cooking - 10

Football - 18

French - 9

Needlecraft - 7

Netball - 17

Percussion - 12

School Newspaper - 2

Scrabble - 1

Sewing - 8

Story Club - 1

Wake-up, Shake-up - 26

2016 - 249 Children

French - 6

Photography - 12

Needlecraft - 11

Olympics - 17

Homework club - 8

Arts and Crafts KS1 - 15

Lego - 22

Cooking - 12

Football - 25

Archaeology - 4

Art Club - 20

Board games - 11

Disney karaoke - 9

Recorder - 7

Film Club KS2 - 6

Computer Skills - 12

Drama Club - 18

Cartoon Club - 9

Cricket KS2 - 12

Wake-up, Shake-up - 13