SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

and Inclusion

Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School prides itself on providing individualised education for every child; this ensures that children with additional needs are provided for using a personalised approach. Our children learn at different speeds and in a variety of ways.  We have realistic but high expectations for all of our children. To ensure that all children reach their highest potential, our school is well resourced, providing additional trained adults who are able to support our children to access the whole curriculum.


The school environment is inclusive, providing a wheel chair lift, hoists, and discreet changing facilities. A highlight for our children is a visit to one of our two sensory rooms, Rainbow Room, outdoor swing or outdoor sensory garden. These areas provide a fun and stimulating environment, but can also be used as a calming and quiet sensory experience, which meets the needs of all of our children.


Miss Hunt, our SENCo and Inclusion Leader, takes great pride in providing an equal, bespoke offer to our children with additional needs, regardless of need or ability. Our team of highly skilled staff work together to ensure that the ethos of Smawthorne is achieved on a daily basis. Our school works in partnership with families and wider professionals to put the needs of every child first. 



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SEND Resources and Environmental Areas of Provision

Children enjoy playing with the light strings an placing them on their body, watching the colours change. 


 Musical play



Sensory wall/footpath in the Rainbow Room



Sensory room, including light up wall panel



Safety flooring


Dark tent to support pupils with sensory overload and a safe place to regulate



We have three Makaton displays to support our pupils in learning how to communicate non-verbally

We have access to three hoists to support those with mobility difficulties. It ensures that they can spend time both in and out of their chairs. 


Tactile wall


Building blocks and learning through play in The Rainbow Room


Infinity mirrors



Outdoor nest swing


SHMPS school site is over two levels therefore a wheelchair lift was installed to make sure that children have access to the whole school.


Sensory boards in the Rainbow Room

Light bubble tubes which can be found in our Bubble Room. These help children to feel calm and quiet. 


Sensory Garden


Fine motor resources in The Rainbow Room



Sensory Room



Bucket seat 

Our disco ball provides children with calming lights.



This is one of our two disabled toilets, providing children with appropriate changing facilitates. They are both decorated with child friendly pictures following feedback from the children. 



Further Information:

Here at Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School, all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Staff strive to create an environment that meets the special educational needs of each individual child to enable all children to have full access to all elements of the school curriculum.


All staff respond to children’s needs by;

  • Dealing with Special Educational Needs as part of the whole school ethos;
  • Providing support for children who need help with communication, language and all other aspects of the curriculum;
  • Planning to develop children’s understanding through the use of all available senses and experiences;
  • Planning for children’s full participation in learning, and in physical and practical activities;
  • Helping children to manage their behaviour and to take part in learning effectively and safely; 
  • Helping individuals to manage their emotions, particularly trauma, attachment or stress, and to take part in their learning.


Our Special Education Needs and Disability Leader (SENCO) is Miss Hunt.  


How to contact our SENCo:

If your child is already in our setting and you have any queries regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Hunt on 01977 558395, send a message via Class Dojo or email


If you are considering Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School for your child and you are worried about your child's needs, please contact Miss Hunt on 01977 558395 or send an email to

It is strongly recommended that you visit our school before applying for a place to ensure that we are able to offer what your child needs. Please arrange a visit if required.


Applying for a School Place:

Here is the link to Wakefield School Admissions: 


SEND Governor:

Our Special Education Needs and Disability Governor is Mrs K Baker. 


SEN Information Report


The SENCo has produced a SEN booklet, outlining the different needs that we support in school ranging from cerebral palsy to dyslexia. Click here to read this booklet.



SEND Links for Parents: