Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural


At Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary, we endorse a strong school ethos of SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural values). We ensure that our curriculum is wide and varied, encouraging effective relationships throughout school, providing relevant activities beyond the classroom.

In the Foundation Stage, we carefully plan and implement a range of activities to incorporate SMSC into our curriculum. The following things are intertwined into our teaching and learning: Spiritual - Who am I? What is special about me? What am I good at? What are my likes and dislikes? Moral - Looking at the difference between right and wrong, bullying, encouraging positive behaviour and looking at people who help us. Social - Talking about our environment and developing areas for our community, What makes me a good friend? Cultural - Looking at children from other countries, researching our country, Who is my hero? Researching and celebrating different festivals and celebrations.


 In Key Stage 1, we incorporate various SMSC learning experiences into our curriculum. Spiritual:  We have planned in many themed days over the year to enrich the children’s spiritual awareness, including Diwali and Hanukkah. Our wide and varied curriculum in Key Stage 1 allows for spiritual awareness and, in particular, the ‘All about me' topic encourages children to think for themselves about themselves. Visits to the Synagogue are planned with Rabbi Douglas Charing to gain an awareness of different beliefs. Moral: We have visits from people who help us at appropriate times of the year, including the police, paramedics and fire officers, etc. Social: The children have opportunities over the day to socialise within class, e.g., planned talk times, circle times, story time, paired and group work time, choosing time using the provision areas. Cultural:Topic planning promotes cultural awareness. Children have to explore geographical locations, including where countries and oceans are on a globe and in an atlas. Year 2 have a topic about recycling and the implications on the local environment as well as the wider world.


In Lower Key Stage 2, we incorporate various learning activities into our curriculum with links to SMSC. The following themes are interwoven into our teaching and learning: Spiritual: studying beliefs, festivals and celebrations of Christianity; Moral:looking at natural disasters and the effects they have on communities; Social - having debates/argumentative writing allowing children to express their opinion on different subjects; Cultural - looking at ways of life within many cultures with a particular focus on Spanish, studying the work of different artists and looking at our heritage.


In Upper Key Stage 2, SMSC is integrated into our curriculum through many learning and teaching avenues. Here are some examples on how this is achieved: Spiritual: Visits to the Gurdwara in Leeds to raise cultural understanding, exploring spirituality in oneself and in a range of religions.  Moral:Visits to the Galleries of Justice, in house visits by the Magistrate, local fire and police service to enhance the education of our children. In year 6, children are encouraged to set up a business to make and sell biscuits. Social:Exploring issues regarding self-esteem, healthy eating, peer pressure and E-Safety and visits from local doctors to support educating children on body changes. Cultural:  Heritage is an important aspect of our local history and trips to the National Coal Mining Museum and Great Yorkshire Show to celebrate our heritage are undertaken.


The Queens online 90th Birthday Book

Please click on the link below to view the Queens Birthday Book. You will be able to read a message sent from school.

Ansel Broderick - a story teller visitor that came into school.

The children enjoyed an assembly of music and stories.


Displayed in one of our halls